Our Teacher

beatachapmanOakBeata Chapman is a Zen Buddhist priest who loves sitting zazen and talking Dharma with other people.  She started Open Zen Codmmunity to bring about more zazen and Dharma dialogue to her life and this suffering world.

Beata has practiced Zen Buddhism for over 24 years with Darlene Cohen and Tony Patchell at Russian River Zendo and Katherine Thanas at Santa Cruz Zen Center, as well as San Francisco Zen Center.

She teaches classes on Living in Wonder at the Russian River Zendo in Guerneville and San Francisco Zen Center, leads Suffering & Delight Groups for people with chronic pain, and speaks to Zen groups throughout the peninsula and greater Bay Area.

She is a Dharma heir of Tony Patchell in the lineage of the great Zen Master Suzuki Roshi.