February Topics

Theme For February: Warm Zazen

“Your zazen should have some feeling of warmth in it.” Suzuki Roshi

One of the seven practices for Living in Wonder, warm zazen means we sit and allow whatever comes, returning to the body and posture over and over again. This posture of stillness and motion, vulnerability and strength, reveals both compassion and wisdom.

Come sit, connect with community, learn how Buddhist practice can invigorate your everyday life.

February Meetings. Yoga At Change, Franklin, San Mateo.  5pm-6:45
February 7: DARK, No meeting

February 14: In-depth zazen instruction

February 21: Dogen on BodyMind Study of the Way

February 28: Zazen does Zazen
February Events. February 14, 9am-4pm. Day Sitting at South San Francisco Home Temple.